Robyn House


Robyn Rae Fralick

From the day she was born in 1951, Robyn loved her life living on the farm and was exceptionally close to her three siblings. A lifelong resident of Dodge City, Robyn married the love of her life and had four children of her own. As a mother, Robyn always put her children first, traveling thousands of miles to make sure she never missed a school program, football game, or performance. As they grew up and had families of their own, Robyn loved nothing more than being a grandmother. Nothing made her happier than being with her grandchildren and they were so lucky to have such a loving and present Grandma.

Robyn was a dedicated member of the Nazarene Church and was committed to helping others whether as a school nurse, working on mission trips, or just finding ways to ease the load of others. Robyn was an exceptional daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and friend, who lived her life with kindness and without judgement. Her family believes that God’s timing is never wrong; her legacy lived on through her grandchildren and we look forward to seeing her smile again. Robyn lived her life for others. Her kindness, compassion, generosity and loyalty guided her throughout her 66 years of life.

Robyn House Owners


Kevin Fralick was born in Mullinville, KS. During his childhood, Kevin’s father was one of the first employees for BJ Manufacturing, now RotoMix. When the company moved to Dodge City in 1965, the Fralick family followed. It was here that Kevin graduated from Dodge City Senior High and attended Dodge City Community College. In 1970, he married Robyn Turley, the love of his life and a lifelong resident of Dodge City. Together the couple ran a farm and had four children: Trevor, Robert, Susie and Kristi. Robyn’s unexpected passing in June of 2017, shocked the entire family. However, Robyn’s love of people and dedication to serving others lives on through her children and grandchildren.


Quentin and Cindy Conant are both lifelong residents of Southwest Kansas. The couple married in 2008. Together their family has grown to five children and three grandchildren. The couple are owners and operators of Conant Construction, LLC which began in 2001.

Merrill and Kandi Conant have lived in Dodge City for 32 years. Merrill is a practicing family physician and Kandi is a former teacher in the local school district. They have raised three daughters and are now enjoying two granddaughters.