Congratulations to our brand new CMAs!

Our first CMA scholarship recipients have completed their coursework and passed their exam. Congratulations, to Sam, Danielle P, Danielle L, Darlene, and Lacee. All 5 of these ladies are great employees that go above and beyond for our residents. Thank you ladies, for all your hard work and dedication. We are excited for bright future with RL!

The Results Are In...

Congratulations, Rosie and Hidden Lakes!

We were recently surveyed at our Rosie House and were very pleased to be given a zero deficiency survey. The following day, we were surprised to see another surveyor at our Hidden Lakes house. All went very smooth and we were given another zero deficiency survey! We are very proud of our staff and our Nurse Manager, Carla!

June Highlights

This past month has brought us lots of memories and lots of RAIN! We had many activities throughout the month, including our annual car show, which unfortunately had to be postponed until September. We had a 4 legged visitor, celebrated national strawberry shortcake day, nation bomb pop day, and national doughnut day. We celebrated all the Father’s at RL this month as well. We had a beautiful sunny Sunday, with a much needed break from the rain. Lastly, our Pearl House staff celebrated another ZERO deficiency survey from the State of Kansas! Thank you to our nurse, Rhonda, and her staff for all their hard work.

We have 4 employees celebrating anniversaries with us this month.

Judy Powers - 2 years

Nikky Smith - 2 years

Richelle Rakestraw - 1 year

Amber Murray - 1 year

Thank you for your continued dedicaiton to Reflection Living and everything your do to help support us in our Mission.

Dental Hygiene Education

We had a few visitors from Wichita State’s Dental Hygiene program come and educate our residents and staff on the importance of good dental hygiene. They gave our staff and residents tips and tricks on keeping their oral health in good shape, and answered common questions on how we can improve the oral health of our residents. Our presenters will be among those students who graduate from Wichita State this weekend. Congratualtions, ladies! We wish you the best of luck.


Battle of the Bulge

Congratulations to Sandra!

Congratulations to Sandra!

Sandra, CMA at the Rosie House, has won the RL Battle of the Bulge competition. This was a 4 month long competition where staff members were competing to see who could lose the highest percentage of their body fat. Sandra lost a total of 26.5 lbs and 13.5% body fat since January.


1st place winner!

January 2019 - April 2019